Paula has helped me with numerous posing routines over the past couple of years. Her ability to hear a song and visualize a routine are outstanding. She has helped to perfect my mandatory poses and quarter turns as well. Paula’s guidance and her knowledge of the inner-workings of the industry played an crucial role in my success on stage in 2011 allowing me to win the overall title and become a National Champion and IFBB Pro bodybuilder.

Todd Jewell - 2011 National Bodybuilding Championships OVERALL WINNER

A highlight during the evening was the stellar performance by Paula Williams-Gulman. The soon-to-be IFBB fitness pro blasted off like a Saturn V Rocket and orbited the stage at warp speed unleashing blasts of dance, gymnastics, and feats of strength and flexibility that only served to further ignite the already roaring spectator.


Awesome girl! You are of good character to go on the record as you have done!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith and continue training, you will reach your goals!!!!

Jack Titone - IFBB & NPC Promoter / NPC Judge /Trainer
I love you Mommy ~ Thank you for being the BEST Mom in the world~
Kandi Gulman